Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Style is hard to teach or what else is new

Summer is here and while it may look like things are slowing down here on the blog side , at the shop all systems are go. Atmosphere is crazier than ever, numbers are through the roof and we are starting to think that closing Spectacles for Humans for 2 whole weeks was not such a good idea, as it may actually slow down the Earth...
NOT! We are so ready to be away from it all.

So, what exactly IS happening lately?
Well, to put it mildly, too many people in the biz are reading the blog. They are smelling the real deal and are trying hard to get their shifty products into our store. Some are doing it the proper way, and some just show up unannounced on a Sunday as in " I happened to be in the neighborhood"... Dude, you're from New York...
In any case, please keep in mind, if your frames suck papayas, better keep it away from us or the word gets out.
This week we looked at several lines and only one of them is definitely coming to SFH. The others were not so hot.

Those of you who know your eyewear will recognize this name - Christian Roth.
A very talented designer whose ideas have been copied over and over and by too many big companies.
For the past several years, with backing of the Charmant Group, Christian Roth designs have come to be a real delight and we've been eying the line for quite some time and long story short, expect to see it in our store this Fall.

Two more lines will be coming soon from Europe and we are excited about both. Details are still sketchy but believe you us when we say we are excited about something. These two are totally different from what we already have, boast pedigree and sleek appearance and the quality is of messianic proportions. It will blow you away! For no, we all wait.


Spectacles for Humans
will be closing for vacation on June 23rd. We are back on July 8th.
Please don't fall into despair, my friends! There is GLARE, it's only 2 blocks away and there you can shop for your sunnies while we're gone!!
GLARE will be housing our MYKITA, Oliver Goldsmith and DeromeBrenner selections. To make things even more attractive, the powers in charge authorized an unprecedented one-time price arrangement....
So if Mykita Rolf was on your mind, or thinking about DeromeBrenner Huggy pilot has been keeping you up at night for months, this will be your one and only chance to snatch your dream pair of specs at a very, very good-looking price.

All orders placed on June 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd @ Spectacles for Humans will be receiving 15 % discount

GLARE will be offering mentioned sunwear collections on similar terms from June 24th until July 6th.


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