Thursday, July 31, 2008

RetroSuperFuture sunglasses

This brand has been burning our retinas for quite some time now and with everyone falling head over heels for this sexed up copy of a Ksubi frame which was already an homage to Vibskov's Andy.... Anyway.
We have seen the frames, and have examined them closely, and unfortunately they did not conform to our quality standards.

And a quick word to Zeiss people about letting other dudes use Carl Zeiss name too much.... It does nothing but waters your status down. We are big fans of Zeiss optics and use your lenses for Rx needs almost exclusively, but when it comes to sun lenses, that's a different story. 10 years ago, German made Skylet Road and Skylet Sport were our go to lenses. These days, we cannot even buy them. They simply don't exist.

Makes us wonder... What are those lenses ??

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