Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The science of Orgreen

The self-made trio from Denmark has already made an incredible mark on eyewear of today. After more than ten years, the Orgreen team has established itself as the benchmark of optical design among world's top Opticians and their products are sold and coveted in 42 countries.

Quite a story of success if you ask us. But how did it all start? With none of the guys having any formal training as Opticians, the story is even more fantastic.

It all started with Henrik Orgreen doing a gig for an American sunglass company - Arnette. Years after, being involved in numerous projects that included extreme sports among others, Henrik realized something was missing. Hellbent on designing his own product he approached his old friend Tobias Wandrup, who majored in design, and the concept was born. It had to be sunglasses! Another friend, Gregers Fastrup joined as soon as he heard about it and voila! Orgreen Optics became a reality.

It ain't easy to sell sunglasses in a small country when rain is more common that sunshine. And the 3 friends discovered that pretty quickly. While their designs were no doubt exciting and brave, the sales tanked and the company hit the brick wall. The young entrepreneurs found out the hard way how not to start a business and with numbers well in red, they were shaken but not knocked out.

True art cannot be held back, and since they believed in their concept they took the design elements from their sunglass collection and transformed them into prescription form. The reaction was immediate.
From the very beginning, part of their concept was to address the style-conscious modern HUMAN who needed a cool, high quality pair of frames. With inspirations from various sources including American classics car era where functionality and design both played strong roles, Orgreen presented exciting frames that literally stunned the market. Their designs appealed to creative types with such force it created a shortage of frames!!

But the guys did not just push the design envelope, they relentlessly pursued the path of innovation and technological advances in the process. Titanium, fine wood, mother-of-pearl are just some of the materials they have worked with creating memorable pieces that still have a cult like following.

There are more projects under way today, with Echo 1998 Acetate collection being the biggest attraction. As Opticians, we at Spectacles for Humans are not afraid to say it out loud - we marvel almost every day at the way the new Acetate collection fits people. The bridges are some of the most comfortable in the industry, EVER!!!

So here you have it. With "Design, Quality ... and more Design" as their motto, Orgreen Optics is marching on strong, still in vanguard, creating some of the most exciting wearable objects in the world.


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