Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

Spec Espace collection is coming next week.

Can it be true?

After a year of basically waiting in line, Spectacles for Humans is scheduled to receive the first selection from one of Japan's most intriguing and complicated brands - Spec Espace.
Spec Espace, the name refers to the space between your specs and your face, (mark you the name on that electronic calendars of yours) is gonna rock the world of anyone who is truly in love with eyewear design.

There are simply too many details to describe and we will wait for collection to arrive to go deep. But one thing you should know right away, the quality here borders on phantasmagorical. Employing some of the best craftsmen in Japan, Katsuhiro-san ( dude in white jumper) and his pals are designing fresh and exciting styles with ease and finesse. With their guidance, in the hands of a skilled artisan, a simple plastic frame becomes true work of art.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


DERAPAGE releases the first ever liquid case.

Transparent and non-toxic, the GelBox will protect your favorite pair of specs but who cares about that, really? The case is extremely cool and we guarantee it will drive your design obsessed friends mad.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to blogging

Trunk shows at Spectacles for Humans are always fun, but a small collective we are and it takes us time to recover from the onslaught we go through. With the week after the show being especially strenuous, when we are processing orders and cleaning up our own feathers, we have absolutely no time to devote to blogging. Hope you understand and forgive. Everyone needs a break, even staunch workaholics like us. You too can probably use some fresh air...Step outside, enjoy the sun, and even better, put on your cool sunnies and take your honey on a nice drive. There is not much left of Summer, so enjoy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chronicles of Orgreen: DAY 2

After a day in Napa and a quick preview of the collection on Friday night, we were all set to dive into action and serious action Saturday brought to us indeed.
Just in case you still don't know, cool eyewear brings great people together.

Karson, San Francisco based designer, wears model Naked by Orgreen Optics.

Sahra, Orgreen's color adviser, explains techniques and details on the new pieces in collection.

Olga and Phillip.
Mike, Henrik and Dimitri.

Sahra, Mike and Sandy.

Sahra found her new favorite ride - Mike's Burgundy Maserati.

Rene is duct-taping a pair of Orgreen sunglasses to his face. Jus' in case.

Phillip works with a customer.

Simon checks out new styles.

Olga with clients. Who said Orgreen is only for old people???

Henrik and his old pal Sean.
Orgreen Magnum - SOLD OUT!

Kevin is trying on the famed Elektro series frame.

David and Henrik exchange boating tips.

Henrik is talking nosepads design with Kenji.

Just in time for trunk show, Johnny's pair of Orgreen Storm was ready.

Dimitri greets the clients.

Talking colors and finishes with customers.

Clayton navigates the selection of newest Orgreen styles.

Dimitri in front of one of his favorite eyewear collections - ORGREEN OPTICS.

Fast people wear fast shoes.

Customers at Spectacles for Humans are always encouraged to explore our selections on their own. Touch it, feel it, wear it. There is no other way.

Henrik and Dimitri strike a pose with happy clients.

Dimitri and Lee.

George and Dimitri are talking electronic music.

(Henrik + Sahra) x SFH = good times.

Orgreen's Angels.

Last Stand...not everyone made it to next stage.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We are so ready to host our Danish friends from Orgreen Optics. New styles are arriving Wednesday and Henrik and Sahra are set to make a landing at SFO on Thursday afternoon. Excitement is in the air and we promise, everyone will have a great time.

After preview of new shapes all we can say they are spectacular! We believe Orgreen Optics is at that stage of their existence when they cannot do no wrong. Like that dude Phelps in Beijing.
While other design outfits exhaust their resources by year 6, Orgreen team is showing no signs of talent depletion going on their 11th year.
All three collections will see stunning additions this season and we invite you to see it this weekend, only at Spectacles for Humans. To put it simply, there is no better way to explore the world of Orgreen Optics than with Henrik Orgreen showing you the way.

San Francisco Chronicle's Bay List

It looks like Spectacles for Humans has been nominated for SF Bay List.

Please vote for us at BayList/eyewear.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


In case you missed it all, Orgreens are coming to San Fran. Guess what, we are all about to have a damn good time and you're welcome to join us.

FRIDAY, August 15th:
a semi-private event with Orgreen Optics' mastermind Henrik Orgreen at Spectacles for Humans. 5pm till 9pm - drinks, beats, design talk.

(Sorry, can't make it more private, there are too many people dying to meet the guy.)

SATURDAY, August 16th: full blown trunk show.
Come at your own risk. 11 am till 6 pm.

SUNDAY, August 17th: Champagne farewell. 12pm till 4pm.