Friday, March 13, 2009

Downtown LA Art Walk 03.12.09

Growing up in San Francisco all we had to know about LA was that we were better. Well, it did not lookie this way last night, during Downtown Art Walk.

Downtown LA Art Walk affair happens every second Thursday of the month and both the scene and the crowd are phenomenal.

Had a nice chat with a cool dude who paints under the name Max Neutra. Related to Richard Neutra the architect by any chance? Yup. Great-Grand-Kid. Something tells us we will see more of his work here.

Nickel Diner is finally open for dinner and crowds were in love with what they saw.

Neon life on Main street.

Army of hand painted porcelaine/papier-mache skulls.

Pimped out Spectacles for Humans skull.

Skid Row.

Abandoned theater.

Street scene.

Barclay Hotel was the first hotel in Los Angeles to have telephones in every room. Residential hotel at the moment although rooms are clean and comfortable, it's owned by the same family since 1981 and one day, mark our words, it will be a helluva boutique hotel.
The sign was lit tonight.

Party is over.

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