Saturday, March 14, 2009

Zero Gravity World Premiere

Start speaking titanium eyewear to us, and this is exactly what we were hoping for.
Designed in California, handcrafted in Japan. Safe to say it's a combination you can't go wrong with regardless of what product you're making... Well, maybe not the lederhosen.

You see, Japanese frame manufacturers are so far ahead of their Euro counterparts, it's not even worth bothering looking at the brand if it's not made in Japan. With that said, there is one major obstacle: shapes. No matter how much we try to explain what's needed in American and European markets, our Japanese friends don't seem to understand the fact that they are designing frames for their own market and their own market only and stylistically and structurally these shapes almost never travel well. Call it the case of eyewear shape lost in translation.

This prelude has a point. A new eyewear line is about to hit the market and we are here to tell the world about it.

The first thing we like about it, there is no former Oliver Peoples' people behind the curtains operating levers and windpipes. This is a totally indie effort and it is spirited and gutsy and we love it for that too. The two talented individuals behind it know exactly what they are doing and in our estimation it is simply a matter of time before you catch yourself bragging about your own pair of ZERO G's.

Zero G will premiere at Spectacles for Humans Downtown Los Angeles Opening Party on April 4Th.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dimitri!
Who are the "two talented individuals behind it"? They have stolen the MEYER hinge!!! I think they´re talented in copying!!!

Thomas Meyer

Anonymous said...

I don't think the hinges look like Meyer. They're much cooler.