Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SFH makes San Francisco Chronicle

We were enjoying our indie ride for almost 3 years, hanging out with obscure designers, talking eye style with hip kids in Amsterdam, London and Tokyo, all while selling the coolest eyewear lines, never paying any attention to what everyone else in the business was doing.
BAM! Few weeks ago, SF Chronicle called asking to talk to us about eyewear... We were immediately suspect. Are we becoming too mainstream???...


Frames For The Modern Man

The article is great, it's witty and original and its author, Aaron Britt, has a keen sense of style you'd expect from someone who knows Le Corbusier was of Swiss origin, not French.
Britt's expose has created a wave of phone calls and inquiries from all over the Bay Area and we are trying to accommodate you all. Not an easy task sometimes since no one knows any of the brands we are working with. Still, we will do our best to help you find the most appropriate pair of spectacles.

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Randall said...

That's what got me there! Visited today. Thanks for the excellent service DJ, just yelped about you guys. Really a great experience.