Monday, March 23, 2009

Downtown LA Opening party: update

2 weeks to go and there are 2 spots still left on RSVP list. If you choose to forget and subsequently miss your chance to register but still would like to attend the party, please email your request directly to us at and we will let you know if there are any last moment cancellations that can save you from the biggest mistake you will have made in 2009.

We also need to let the good tenants of Pacific Electric Lofts building know they are welcome to join our festivities. Especially those of you on penthouse levels. It will be pretty loud so you might as well inhale. Yeah, we plan to rock the party and maybe even move the building off the foundation. Building management needs not to worry, should this actually occur, we will be done moving the building by 11am on Sunday morning.

Besides being able to meet the dazzling and spectacular Spectacles for Humans crew in person you will have the pleasure of being frothed into a disco frenzy by Downtown's most eccentric and unpredictable sound machine...
DJ JESUS will be in the Holy House of Specs and his cutting edge beats and exquisite spinning skills will make you a believer, again.

And if that is not enough to bring you down on your knees, Spectacles for Humans' super band - Ludwig and Grunhauser - is taking the stage for the first time ever.

In the name of Al Pacino and all things cool, we promise, this will be our most extravagant effort ever.
600Watts speakers are arriving this week and these are loud enough to part hair on your head, blind a small dog and even cause trouble in waters of man made lakes. So please wear your life jacket and keep your Zodiacs properly inflated and firmly attached to your houseboats because we are going in and we are going in knowing we will be resurrected.

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