Thursday, May 30, 2013

Drift In Time

In the 18th century, a sailor from Japan named Chunosuke Matsuyama, shipwrecked on a South Pacific island with 43 shipmates, carved a message into coconut wood, put it in a bottle, and set it adrift. It was found in 1935—supposedly in the same village where Matsuyama was born...

Well, Chicago based DRIFT eyeglasses are probably not made from the same coconut newsletter but it is one simple and powerful concept for specs - handmade in US and eco-friendly.
In the past we've had mixed experiences with frames made from natural materials such as wood.  We've seen everything from fancy contraptions to crude designs and for the most part chose to stay away from wooden frames. With DRIFT we feel that, finally, there is a line that captures the essence of eyewear  and delivers a handsomely made wearable product. And we are especially pleased with the fact it's produced in the States.

Be sure to visit Spectacles For Humans store in San Francisco to try a pair of Drift specs! 

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