Saturday, March 8, 2014

MIDO And More

We just got back from MIDO show in Milan where we kind of introduced Spectacles For Humans collection  to European buyers. The "kind of" part is important because as it stands at the moment in the world of optics there are only a handful of stores we are willing to work with. These stores are few but they are the true beacons of quality and craftsmanship.
One such store is Sichtbar in Stuttgart. (See previous post)  And it is with great pleasure we announce that 3 more stellar retailers in Germany are now stocking Spectacles For Humans sunglasses.

First one is Markus Nikolai Optic in Frankfurt.
Markus Nikolai and his team are known in Frankfurt for amazing selection of frames, impeccable styling techniques and killer parties. Yes, he produces superb electronic music as well.

Up in Hamburg,  brothers Hauke and Marc Oliver Peters run Six Million Glasses and Neon Box Optics and they are not mincing words.  Opticians with years of experience under their belts they know a cool pair of frames when they see it. Our conversation took 30 minutes during which it became apparent   - SFH frames belong in their shops. 

Another store we've been admiring for a long time is Leidmann in Munich. Their new location on Maximilialnstrasse is pure exercise in aesthetics. If stocking top brands only is not enough for you,  store's interior and customer service will leave you short of stunned.  And Leidmann is the only the store in Munich where you can find Cocaine, Champagne and Ecstasy sunglasses by Spectacles For Humans. 

What do these stores have in common?  They love their craft, they admire good design and they value quality in eyewear. Brand name means nothing here unless it has a great product underneath the label. Or better yet, no label at all. Just a great pair of frames.