Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Eyewear life in 2008

It is true, coming back to daily routine is not easy, especially after a superb week of enjoying the sights of Tokyo while searching for cool eyewear.

The IOFT, Asia's most exciting "all things eyewear" trade show, was a blast, a historical event for Spectacles for Humans in many ways, and Tokyo as a city was simply stunning.

The lights, the architecture, the people, the food...

Sadly not everything looked as inviting and promising as the specimen above, and when the little bistro at the show shut down for the night, many of attendees had to deal with crude local fair. And some of it was downright offensive, especially if you are from a deep fried frozen steak country.
There we were, wearing our brand spanking new Pradas and Marc Jacobs, as always, starring at barely alive half-shrimp/half-bird creature...Burghhh...That thing was definitely hooked up to something with rotors (a tiny defibrillator perhaps) to keep it breathing until it was time for it to head onto the plate of a local high roller.

Anyways...Hahah... Since we came back a whole week went by almost, and we still get weak in our knees thinking of delicately flavored fish and frothy Yebisu draft beer. Even ginger was unreal...

And don't let us forget the service! My God, Japanese know how to treat customers. From warm hand towels at the table (the moment you sit down) to warmed toilet seats, you are pampered from your head to your tail, literally.

OK, OK, enough about things of elementary nature; let's move on to the next, higher plateau. This way to enlightenment.

Enter and right away we know that coming back wasn't so bad after all. Having just scored some of the best new eyewear lines in the world, we at Spectacles for Humans are impressed with ourselves and have so much to look forward to in the next few months, we get goose bumps each time we think about all the cool designs we are about to showcase.

All of our new friends are excited about becoming part of Spectacles for Humans line-up as we are and in no time new collections will begin arriving. Ahead of the Japanese, believe or not, is our new freind Giovanni at Nico Design Studio.

Giovanni informed us today that our first shipment of DERAPAGE frames has already left Italy and of course we want to tell you a little bit more about them.

Being voted the Best Eyewear of 2008 for Function and Technology in Japan is no small potatoes and DERAPAGE totally gets our vote for that and more.
What makes these frames special is... pretty much everything.
First of all you will be drawn to the bridge-like structure you don't expect to see in a pair of spectacles. Reminding us of filigree, carefully etched layers assembled into impressive formation that is both elegant and imposing. And the best part, there is no soldering. Everything, and I mean all 37 components, are held together by rivets. Imagine, three different layers of best quality Swedish stainless steel are put together to form a smashing set of specs that is ultra-light, beautiful AND functional. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you DERAPAGE.

Ironically, we struck the deal in Tokyo. Very cool!

To be continued...
Tomorrow we talk about REIZ. We simply have to because all day today we were bombarded with inquiries from all over - Canada, Australia...

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