Friday, March 20, 2009

STRADA DEL SOLE collection arrives

Model 020 in Black.

What took a little longer to get was absolutely worth the wait.
We are giving you a preview of STRADA DEL SOLE acetate collection first simply because these beautiful frames that deserve proper recognition. Unmistakeably Swiss in their approach the designers present the acetate collection as a set of 5 shapes in 3 colors - Black, Smoke and Tortoise/Clear.
Simple, easy and did we mention beautiful? So without further ado, STRADA DEL SOLE.

Model 023 in Smoke.

Model 023 in Tortoise/Clear.

Temple detail.


Sunglasses Guy said...

I've tried a pair of these on and the acetate is fantastic. I'm glad they've branched off from the metal frames. I'm looking forward to their next set.

Anonymous said...

i orderd them today ! i m an optician in montreal !!! i love them !!! My boss also bought one of them because i dont have let her the choice to bye one !!!

beautifull practice you have !!!! are you looking for an optician !! haha