Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Arrivals!

Taking a moment here to talk (briefly) about newest additions to Spectacles for Humans.

ONKEL Limied Edition sunglasses are here and they are big and bold!

New sunnies from BLINDE came in as well, and there are some gorgeous colors! Ever since Blinde became a part of Optical Shop of Aspen, the line has changed quite a bit. Although OSA is keeping such classics as Bagel and Bagel Jr. as part of the collection, the new styles are femine, soft and colorful and vintage inspired!

Back in stock are sold out frames from Martin&Martin - Paul, Peter, Wilhelm, Helge, Lisa and Helmut!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Fred is rocking in his new MYKITA specs - Curtis in silverline.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


We were very excited to meet Anthony Meima and peruse through his eye catching collection at the last Silmo show in Paris and it looks like we are about to receive our order. Yea!

Meima's frames are truly amazing. 100% crafted "a la main" (by hand) in France, the frames are cut from 8 mm to 14 mm thick acetates and hand polished by fine chammies, creating great surfaces (a lots of it!) for the light to play with colors Anthony uses. The colors are sophisticated and refined and will please those with an eye for fine details and craftsmanship.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Luxottica buys Alain Mikli??

Heard the rumor today. It is still just a rumor, but I fear the worst.

Thousands of pairs of eyewear seized in Italy.

As I was searching the net to confirm the rumors about Luxottica buying Alain Mikli, I found this little gem.

"In recent days the Financial Police have seized thousands of models of eyewear. The number is estimated at around 30,000 and 40,000, amounting to a value of a few million euros.

The object of the dispute is the “Made in Italy” brand. Or rather, it would appear that the Financial Police dispute that the eyewear seized was actually made in Italy. The inquiry, carried out in the strictest confidence, was concluded a few days ago.

At the time of seizing of the goods, the financial police handed the company’s legal representatives a summons, charging the company with selling industrial products with misleading marks and commercial fraud.

The inquiry is just at the start, and the company has not yet responded to the charges.

We must remember that regulations on the whole Community Customs Code allow the wording “Made in Italy” to be used in the case of eyewear, which has not completely been made in Italy, if it has undergone the last, financially relevant, substantial transformation here.

(Source: Il Corriere delle Alpi)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Meet your new best friend - Bob!

Eve is on the way!

New Vibskov collection arrives

Seeing UPS guys hauling big box covered with little red pigs across the street made me smile today. Yeah! More piggysan laptop covers, more piggysan scarves, Bobo underwear, new white, yellow and turquoise sunglasses colors!! I am feeling the spring today.

Andy sunglasses from Henrik Vibskov are available in 5 colors: black, yellow, turquoise, red and white.

Sold out Piggysan scarves are back in stock including new blue color.

Bobo underpants.

Piggysan laptop covers are back in 3 sizes - 13", 15 and 17" - and two colors, Red and Black.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Congratulations to MYKITA team

We are pleased to see this kind of recognition and send our congratulations to the entire MYKITA team. Working with these guys and dealing with their truly amazing frames on daily basis is not just fun, it is an intellectual experience which engages you unlike any other eyewear line on the market. All we can say is BRAVO! Oh yeah, and start shipping Collection No.2 already.


Klaxons - Golden Skans

More Sunday morning coolness from DJ Mehdi

From the hottest record label that gave us Uffie, Justice, Kavinsky and Sebastien. Ed Bangers presents dj Mehdi.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Linda Farrow Vintage update

OK, the bad news first - it's gonna take a little longer to get it, as it looks like LFV might've pulled the distribution from the dudes in LA. At least I no longer need to wonder what the hell is going on with my order. It sounded very strange when the two days before my trip to LA-LA land the guy emails me to cancel, saying he had to ship collection back to England for some show...Hmn...

The good news is Linda Farrow Vintage frames are absolutely fantastic and we'll be getting the Collaboration collections very soon!

I am psyched I am finally be getting my hands on Veronique Branquinho's sleek avaitors

Eley Kishimoto's colorful and sexy shapes

and Matthew Williamson's seductive and ultra feminine style.

There are also 3 super-hot styles from Sophia Kokosalaki.

Here's one of them.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Reiz newsletter

We've recently heard from the hardest working men in eyewear business - Jochen Gutbrid and Franz Deiter, designers of most exquisite spectacles from Germany, REIZ AUGENSPIEL. This is what they had to say about recent Silmo show.

"Paris Trade Fair

The Paris Silmo is one of the largest international trade fairs. With that, it is
not only an indicator for the strength of a collection, it is also a great
opportunity to present something new.

The number of REIZ partners all over the world has grown. The feedback for
our 3-D series „lovely animals“ and the „flats“ was fantastic. These fine and
pure shapes are obviously something that not only we believe in...

These glasses will quickly attract a trendy clientele and enable them to make
a clear style statement. The four designs were first to be seen in October in
Tokyo and Paris.

Colour Trends

Grey is not only taking over from classic black in the clothes sector, but also
in the field of eyewear fashion.
The clear and not too rough contrast appears elegant and graceful,
enhancing the shape of the frame excellently. In combination with earthy
colours the glasses are conspicuous without being obtrusive. Combined with
strong contrasts it takes on a harmonic and fine character."

As it stands, we expect the new collection in our store within weeks.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Orgreen Catalina

Caroline is wearing Orgreen Catalina style in deep red and blue.

New color from MYKITA

Purple Rain, Purple Rain...

New Purple color from MYKITA is here. Along with ROBIN, shown above, we now have HANNA and ROLF styles in stock as well.

The new color is complimented greatly by fine, faded lenses in eggplant-like purple (hot!), creating sophisticated "modern sexy" look for both girls and guys.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Orgreen Thunderbird

Paris is wearing her new Orgreens - Thunderbird in black and pink.

P.S. First time in stock - Vulcan in Limited Edition Electro Dragonfly-like finish.


DeromeBrenner collections

DeromeBrenner eyewear and sunglasses collections are available for viewing online now.

New Harlem collection, sample above, is available with two types of temples - standard (B) and with air bubbles injections (A).

Laptop covers and more from Vibskov

The word on the street is we'll be getting more of sought after laptop covers from Henrik Vibskov very soon!

Jacob at Agentur V says they are almost ready to ship and we expect 13", 15" and yes !! even the impossible to score 17" covers. Your Macs will thank you for these!

More Piggysan scarves, including new blue color, ultra comfy and super hot Bobo underwear and, more up our alley, long awaited new colors of Andy sunnies - White, Yellow and Turquoise.

Beirut - "Elephant Gun"

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

MYKITA + USLU Airlines

The word on street is we are getting these! And ASAP!!

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Diana wears MYKITA Gesine in blackberry.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

More good news

It's raining frames !

New styles from Meyer Eyewear are here! Awesome rimless shapes, new colors, new temple options.

Check out the details on this baby.
Meyer Solna with fine Mahogany temples.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Alek Paul eyewear is here

"We see we are...We see we are. We look to choose what we want to be...For us, seeing is one of the most important manifestations of being...We want to give our frames the meaning of the time in which we are living...We search for each other by looking at ourselves, as in connecting moment between what we are and what we see, a mirror of the being through the acting of being seen..."

Alek Paul
is a fantasy creation of Alessandro Martiri, one of the most creative and innovative eyewear designers in Italy. His philosophy is quite simple - eyewear as communication medium. In today's world, with images ever changing before our eyes, he looks to leave an impression on a casual passerby who accidentally glances at a person wearing an Alek Paul frame.

One of Alessandro's objectives is to create a symbiotic relationship between a pair of glasses and its owner, making sure the frames feel and look as natural and comfortable as possible.

Another important element of Alek Paul eyewear is the luminosity of material. These effects are obtained through special production and milling techniques and Alessandro's creations can go through more than 100 different stages to acquire that special finish designer envisioned.

At last, we have an Itallian collection that is truly "Made in Italy".

New Meyer styles are on their way!

Long awaited styles, some with fine wood temples, are currently in transit. We praise the Gods of Transportation and hope for save and speedy arrival.