Friday, March 30, 2007

THAKOON sunglasses by ALEKPAUL arrive!

"La collezione è molto raffinata; il design molto pulito evidenzia lo stile giovane ed elegante di THAKOON. La collezione “Futuristico/Retro” da una svolta moderna agli occhiali da sole classic."

Spectacles for Humans is proud to offer 2007 sunglass collection from rising star designer Thakoon Panichgul.

For his new sunglasses collection Thakoon teamed up with Italian eyewear gurus CULT, the guys behind stunningly beautiful AlekPaul eyewear. The frames are carefully crafted and are expressions of Thakoon's minimalist approach to fashion and AlekPaul's attention to details.

If you are into flashy shades like Chanel, Fendi, D&G, etc, this is not a line for you... In other words, Thakoon sunglasses are very, very San Francisco - stylish, reserved, intellegent and ahead of the curve.

... While I was getting ready to post this, Suzanne walked in and snatched a pair of Thakoon's sleek aviators so quickly I barely had time to take this picture.

Magnetic images from Plotslichmusik

This is qualitatmusic.

With clever use of eyewear, Plotslichtmusik transmit their message and communicate with the world.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

2007 REIZ frames are on the way


The 2007 Reiz Augenspiel collection consists of two series: "Lovely Animals" and "Lovely Nature". With these series REIZ team once again combine futurism and tradition. These strongly diverse interpretations go to the limits of their respective themes.

Originally developed for the REIZ LIMITED sunglass collection , 3-D design is now availble in prescription frames. This approach generates a full-bodied look and a brilliantly organic feel. "Lovely Animals" series is intricately milled from 10mm thick pure cellacetate and three dimensional finish creates varying degrees of thickness, which in turn emphasize the flowing form and achieve intense play of colors.

The flat series "Lovely Nature" reinterprets traditional hand-crafted glasses in a hoillistic approach of perfection.There are four models in the series and all accentuate REIZ's high fashion appeal. Without a doubt, purism with a fine finish is a tangible theme for REIZ AUGENSPIEL.


Fall-Winter '07 accessories from Henrik Vibskov.

Disco Bags

Famous Piggysan scarves in new black/green color

Rabbit Hunter hats
New laptop covers.
And my personal favorites - Disco Wallets.
I also hear Andy frames are now available in clear lenses...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

San Francisco...We have OG!

Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses that is! An affair long in the making comes to fruition at last.

Running into disarmingly charming Claire Goldsmith, the great-granddaughter of Oliver Goldsmith, at last year's Silmo was a revelation.
We've had the OG frames in our sights since early '06, but once we saw how genuine Claire is and how passionate she feels about eyewear and her heritage, we knew it was a must-have line for our store.

The company has quite a history. In fact, most of what we know and accept as a norm in fashion eyewear today was invented or introduced by Oliver Goldsmith .
"The man behind revolution in eye wear design is Oliver Goldsmith", declared The Times in 1970. "He is to sunglasses what Vidal Sassoon is to hair and Mary Quant to clothes." ( i know, i know, i see our younger listeners raising eyebrows thinking "who the hell is Mary Quant?" ...three words people -hot pants. Mary Quant invented HOT PANTS!!)
Anyway, during 50's and 60's OG frames were like crack cocaine for the movie industry. Michael Cane, Audrey Hepburn, Ursula Andress, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren all had specific frames designed and made for them to enhance their on screen presence. With OG help they have created characters that have influenced generations.

After almost 20 years of absence on the world stage of fine eywear, Oliver Goldsmith is back and it's better than ever!

In the world of masstige, overbranding and overproduction, OG eyewear is the real thing. Designs are fashion forward, yet discreet and classic, strongly influenced by 60 years of collections. This is not, I repeat, NOT another vintage inspired collection. This is the true original and you will know it the moment you plant a pair on your nose.

Having her 2007 Collection made from highest quality Italian acetate by finest eyewear craftsmen in Japan, Claire is taking no prisoners. And when some might cut corners, she chooses to fit her frames with rust-free, hypo-allergenic hinges that are hand riveted into plastic and are there to stay. All in the name of old world quality and definitely for your enjoyment.

Oliver Goldsmith Ready To Wear Collection of 2007 is available now.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Uffie interview


Henrik Vibskov's Piggysan scarf in Japan.

Cheap keyboards and provocative postures.

That's how we like to end our week.


Friday, March 16, 2007

Concept 5 styles from ALEKPAUL arrive

Just in time, new Concept 5 styles - fitted with awesome sping hinge mechanism! - arrive to save us from displaying just a few frames.

Out of all the frames we now have in stock, not one is an "off" color you know not gonna sell. Everything is extremely tastefuly done and even bright colors have a calming effect.

Customer response to ALEKPAUL frames has been amazing so far and we literally have gone through larger part of our initial order in matter of weeks. We are impressed!

Frame detail - hinge, view from outside.

Frame detail - hinge, view from inside.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Closed March 19th-23rd.

We at Spectacles for Humans care about our customers and do everything necessary to ensure the quality of products we offer. In the past few weeks we have received numerous new styles from Ksubi Eye, Blinde, Funk Royal Optics, MYKITA, Henrik Vibskov, Derome Brenner and many others.

To guarantee the best possible performance, we've decided to undertake the arduous task of testing these new sunglasses ourselves. We will be taking several, random styles to the beaches of Mexico where they will be exposed to blistering sun, sand and numerous adult beverages.
I know, I know...You may say, why do they do it? Because...we care...

For full report, come see us on Saturday, March 24th.

FUNK.DE 2007

I give you new styles! And I'll let the images speak for themselves...

SPECTACLES FOR HUMANS is an authorized Funk Royal Optics retailer.

2007 Ksubi Eye - fresh and fab!

You might remember 07' Ksubi catalog from a few months ago...Well, as promised, the new styles are here and just in time for warm weather!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Superfuture vs. global warming

Damon wears DeromeBrenner Gob9 in marron métalisée.

Andrew wears DeromeBrenner Jacky 2 in black/metallic black/white.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Goldchains, pitbulls and flashy cars...

Perfect for warm weather weekend! "G-Funk 3000" from Italian record spinners Scuola Furano.

New website for Orgreen Optics.

It's up and running. Unfortunately collections are not open for public viewing any longer. Due to massive assault on Orgreen designs the team decided to shield it's designs from copycats. To check for new styles and colors please visit your local Orgreen Optics retailer.

Ksubi Plastic: Spectacles for Humans Vs. Wallpaper

Recent issue of Wallpaper magazine showcased one of our favorite sets of sunglasses from Ksubi Eye - model PLASTIC in white.

It looks like we at Spectacles for Humans, as if in some kind of telepathic anticipation, also chose Ksubi PLASTIC (our's is Pink) for our own photo shoot.



We so win this one...

Images: by Azabra Photography. Model: Brianna Denise at LA Models.


Derek wears GOB7 sunglasses in marron métalisée by DeromeBrenner.

MYKITA Collection No.2

We have received tremendous amount of phone calls this week from people interested in frames from Collection No.2. Unfortunately, while available for viewing on, it won't be in store until end of March-early April. We have pretty much the entire line up on its way including all new sunglasses in both stainless steel and acetate. Please wait just a little bit longer...

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Images by Azabra Photography. Model: Brianna Denise at LA Models.