Friday, February 29, 2008

GRAZ sunnies

Oh, these are looking so good! So good, in fact, I am afraid they will be knocked off before you know it.
With nonchalant attitude Graz is casually introducing 2 new, super fresh shapes that will have a strong effect on eyewear of the next few years. Definitely vintage inspired, the styles, however, are not thoughtless reproductions of old school shapes, but modern and clever interpretations of classic forms instead.

GRAZ Model Eden, above.

GRAZ Model k.m.c., above.

Both styles are available in Black and Dark Tortoise and Spectacles for Humans' allocation is precisely 3 complete sets, as in 12 pieces total.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Webstore coming soon

Spectacles for Humans online store is in the works and should be up and running in a matter of weeks. No fireworks or fancy "buy me" buttons, just clean and easy shopping experience for sophisticated eyewear enthusiasts.

With simple layout and easy navigation as our goal, we are very close to making our selections finally available to all of you who don't have the fortune of residing in San Francisco.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Disco Monday

Girls, Cazal and killer Kate Bush sample!

Utah Saints

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dita x Cazal 902 : stunning!

Dita's interpretation of a classic - Cazal 902 - arrive and the frames are simply stunning. Even the packaging is beyond anything anyone has ever done for a pair of sunnies and from the first moment you lay your eyes on these beauties, you know you're about to plant something special on your face.

Dita x Cazal Targa Design 902 @ Spectacles for Humans.

Without words

DeromeBrenner Trunk Show orders update

To all dear customers who ordered frames and jewels at DeromeBrenner trunk show in December, we have great news. Your orders shipped today from France and will be arriving sometimes next week.
Xavier and Aurelia send warmest wishes and thank everyone for giving them time to produce the frames. On a personal note, they so completely fell in love with San Francisco and think we have the most intelligent, the most progressive minded clientèle they have come across so far.
We agree! Thank you for being who you are, thank you again for choosing Spectacles for Humans.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Graz Eyewear

Yes, the guy who designed all those cool Ksubi shades is back on the eyewear scene.

2 styles will become available and this being more of a personal project rather than a mass release, production numbers are ridiculously low, something like 100 pieces of each style.
In our previous conversations Graz mentioned he'll only be offering these through 10 best stores around the world and needles to say, Spectacles for Humans is one of them. The frames are in transit and we are all wired up and waiting to inspect Graz' new creations in person.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Derapage styles arrive

With awards beginning to clutter Giovanni Vitaloni's design studio, the guys at Derapage don't show any signs of slowing down. Instead, they have taken their concept even further and introduced new advanced materials in their 2008 collection.

Carbon Fiber, Icelite and other mystery mediums play integral part in frames' structure and emphasize commitment to modern approach to eyewear and progress of human kind in general.

More details to come!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jeff Solorio, one of the co-founders of Dita Eyewear was in town and popped in to say hello. We talked about all kinds of things, including, of course, the much anticipated release of 902DitaxCazal collaboration, which is gathering an unprecedented amount of attention from both blogging press and consumers. We gave Jeff a quick tour of all the lines we work with at Spectacles for Humans and let him peak inside of our own new project GLARE - a sunglass store dedicated to intelligent consumer, due to open next month.

Two thumbs up on both!

Together with Salt Optics and Sutro, a new San Francisco based sunwear brand, Dita's sunglass collection will be one of the 3 major attractions at GLARE. Dita's Select Opticlas Collection is staying at Spectacles for Humans.

p.s. Insider trading info...More cool collabs from Dita are in the works!!!

More acetate goodness from OG

'08 collection from Oliver Goldsmith is here and Spectacles for Humans is proud to offer an unparalleled selection of styles and colors from OG. Strand, Twisp, Fred, new colors for Mistinguett, Senja, and much more! With more than 80 pieces in stock we are ready to help you make a cool and stylish entrance into Spring. Stay away from all those cheesy, mass produced, over designed junk found in most sunwear chains and look for the original sunglass brand - Oliver Goldsmith.
No gaudy logos or child labor here. Sourced from OG archives and reproduced by the best experts, the right pair of frames from OG will not only become an extension of your image, they will reflect who you are - an individual with appreciation for craftsmanship and style, and not just another mindless face in the crowd wearing someone's logo.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


DitaxCazal 902 collaboration/reissue frames are scheduled to ship February 22nd...
At Spectacles for Humans on 26th....Basically get in line NOW!

For more information about the project please visit

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Star material

We have been getting really cozy with the new acetate frames from Orgreen Optics and we say they are the stars! With more than 10 years of eyewear design experience under their belt, Orgreen team is making a stellar comeback into the world of acetate and there is no doubt about that!

When it comes to switching gears, you never really know what you're gonna get from designers who work primarily with metals, stainless steel or titanium, but in this case, the cool Danish guys prove they know what's up. In Tokyo Henrik assured me these new babies will rock our socks off and he wasn't kidding! The frames are better than we could have imagined.

Modernist approach to eyewear design combined with classic Japanese craftsmanship translates into one sweet and very unique package that is very Orgreen. Their new acetate collection immediately sets itself apart by clearly projecting designers' vision of good eyewear - bold, colorful, instantly engaging. The frames are visual candy, and color after color, shape after shape, they draw you in and make you wanna try them and own them all.

Model Naked on display at Spectacles for Humans, below.

Temple detail, below.

Shapes are lean and muscular, proportionally built and very well balanced and to put it mildly, some styles are simply destined to become eyewear design icons.

Model Dash in dark bottle green/army green/orange, below.

Model Shadow, below.

We will be showing new frames starting tomorrow and the talks of a special trunk show are under way. As soon as the entire collection becomes available, we rock it.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Orgreen acetates

From seeing the samples in Tokyo to hitting the shelves in only 3,5 months, these guys at Orgreen are brilliant and their latest designs are finally here.
We got them yesterday but not being the types to jump in bed right away, we spent couple of days getting acquainted, rearranging the store, to give these beauties the best spot they deserve ... On display they go tomorrow!

Ah, what the hell, lets beat some drum.

A design powerhouse, Orgreen Optics have been present in US for quite some times, yet they were underrepresented, overlooked and grossly underestimated by your typical goose stepping eyewear cronies. When Spectacles for Humans was coming to fruition, Orgreen was one of the 10 original brands we picked for our line up. Within months, we had the line in and there was no stopping them or us.
Out in the West, at Spectacles for Humans, Orgreen Optics is not only getting the recognition it deserves (finally!) , it is also becoming one of the most coveted brands in the spectacles obsessed Bay Area and beyond.
Today Spectacles for Humans are proud to offer 156 frames by Orgreen Optics to choose from. In stock. .

Pictures of selected frames from acetate collection will be posted Saturday morning.

p.s. For those who might be interested in meeting the guy behind it all, it is almost certain - you know how it is - Spectacles for Humans will be hosting Henrik Orgreen in San Francisco this August. Details later!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

MYKITA acetates

To answer a question , they have done OK considering we have had so very few to show and even fewer to let go off... Due to very, very sketchy availability, we gambled and refused to sell the in-store samples, and we are very grateful to people who were so kind as to agree to wait for arrival of their special orders, giving us a chance to show the fabled beasts.

Thankfully most orders were complete within 5-6 weeks and those that weren't ... Well, we'll just have to get undressed and do what we do best to make up for longer than promised ETA.

When it comes to fitting, it's a mixed bag and it may be so because we at Spectacles for Humans take this aspect seriously. Hard shoes, because we see too many people wearing poorly fitted frames and while ignorance is a bliss, we only know how do it right and so if it don't fit, we don't profit.

So far some styles, like Jack, above, and now absent from website Marlie, are incredibly difficult to fit, impossible basically, and we had no success in finding faces with which these styles would connect. Others, like Enzo and Cedric, are top of the charts. We love it, people love it and it makes a better world for all of us.
We need more frames like that, fellas!! With Orgreen acetate frames coming fast from around the corner, the heat is on.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

DERAPAGE wins Good Design Award

What, what, what?? It's a 5 o'clock shocker!

DERAPAGE Tornado frames win Good Design Award from Museum of Architecture and Design in Chicago.

Of course, we at Spectacles for Humans knew all along these frames were special and did not wait for official recognition to stock up on best DERAPAGE shapes back in October of '07. When initial shipment sold out within 3 weeks, we were stoked!
As of now we are proudly displaying the largest collection of DERAPAGE frames in US and the only one the West Coast and can't wait to receive new styles featuring more hi-tech extravaganza from Giovanni Vitaloni and his talented design team.