Thursday, April 30, 2009


Two cool developments!

We just got a word from MYKITA folks that MYKITA x Bernhard Willhelm collection of sunglasses will make its official debut on May 30th during the trunk show.

And in addition, the President of MYKITA USA, Cedric Moreau, will be with us on that day as well and you will have the chance to talk to him about all the current and future projects MYKITA collective is working on.

Friday, April 24, 2009

SPIVVY at Spectacles For Humans LA

As you may know we at Spectacles for Humans are big fans of all things Japanese - denim, green tea, synthesizers, Super Mario and of course eyewear.
While it is common knowledge in the industry that if you want quality you must travel East no retailer ever goes shopping for frames to Japan. We were the first white people to go shopping to IOFT in 2007 and what we saw and discovered went far and beyond our wildest expectations. And it all started with SPIVVY.

If the frame says Made in Japan, it does not necessarily mean it is actually made in Japan. Many Japanese companies have subsidiaries and factories in Korea and China and there the majority of lower and medium priced eyewear will be produced. Even some "high-end" outlets do this, you know who you are.
This is not the case with Kaneko Optical, the parent company of SPIVVY.
Kaneko employs some of the best known and talented craftsmen in Japan and their product clearly shows their dedication to high standards of production. Exquisitely polished, with endless twists and facets, in the hands of skilled artisans the acetate comes alive and we press you hard to find the equivalent in Europe. We are not implying there is no quality acetate coming out of EU these days. Our friends at REIZ and DeromeBrenner come to mind right away, few others are not too far behind, but there is just something special about traditional Japanese approach to aesthetics and beauty in general. It attracts us on a different level.

frames are never loud, and all we learned from working with frames of this nature, they never have to be to impress the right person. So this post is as much homage to clients as it is to beautiful frames. Without you, product does not matter.

Thank you and please enjoy.

SPIVVY at Spectacles For Humans LA

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's been awhile since we got so excited about a trunk show. Heck, it's been awhile since we had one at all!
With so many cool shapes in all the Collections from MYKITA it was only fitting we let you see them all for yourselves. So here goes it. Es ist amtlich!

Set your iPhones, barometers and cuckoo clocks on Saturday May 30th of 2009. The entire line up of MYKITA will be at Spectacles For Humans SF, displayed for your viewing pleasure. As usual, drinks and beats and friendly conversations will be aplenty!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Nothing will keep you cooler on a hot day like a pair of REIZ Limited sunglasses.

Tulam wears RLTD Mark IV in Grey.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


The mystery of lost package was solved yesterday when we finally pinned down our local post office employees and told them to cough up the box or else. Sure thing, the precious package was collecting dust for more than 2 weeks due to some ridiculous customs paperwork request. Typical!!

But there is no need to be negative, we are not talking about Oliver Peoples here.
RLTD frames are here, and we are ecstatic!!! Might as well let you in on a little secret... Spectacles for Humans is working on a book/buying guide and REIZ is one of our top 5 eyewear brands in the world right now. So yeah, we are absolutely thrilled it did not get lost. Phew...

This and next week we are showing RLTD in our new showroom in Los Angeles. This means that if you are anywhere near SoCal, this is your chance to try some of the most exquisite acetate gems you will ever find.

But lets assume you were born yesterday and have no clue about REIZ, never mind RLTD. Well if you got a minute, we'll tell you all about it.

REIZ is a German eyewear design company started in 1996 by Jochen Gutbrod and Franz Reutter. We like to think the firm believes quality will save the world because everything they produced so far was close to holy.
To avoid looking like another cookie cutter line, the designers choose to hand draw all the shapes giving each frame a different personality. Then later, during production, the frames go through dozen of stages : laminating, cutting, edging, buffing, with polishing done at the very end. Naturally they choose the hard way to polish their frames - by hand and using chemises. The final product are some of the most innovative and fashion forward spectacles in the history of frame making and with their mirror like finishes will startle you by their refined and subtle beauty.

The RLTD is a Limited Collection of 4 styles of sunglasses. Each style is available in 4 colors and there are 100 pieces produced of each color.
What makes the Collection special is company's ability to take the matter to its highest form creating a marvelous set of acetate spectacles, then deconstructing it. After the final polishing is done RLTD frames went through a special treatment during which the top layer of glossy finish is removed exposing the rough texture of acetate. The effect is utterly stunning.

RLTD Mark I in Grey.

RLTD Mark I in Olive.

RLTD Mark I, set number 15. This is only set of RLTD in North America.

RLTD Mark I in Brown.

RLTD Mark II in

RLTD Mark II in Olive.

RLTD Mark II in Black.

RLTD Mark II in Brown.

Rough beauty by REIZ.

RLTD Mark III in Olive.

RLTD Mark IV in Black.

RLTD Mark IV in Olive.

RLTD Mark IV in Sand.

RLTD Mark IV in Grey.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bottega Louie Downtown LA

You may not know it but the folks at Spectacles for Humans don't eat no foolish things. We like our food the way we like the glasses - fresh! A couple of us, we are certain, must have been chefs in our previous lives, and the rest of the gang simply enjoy culinary escapades as well-educated spectators.
So when Bottega Louie opened its doors on 7th and Grand in Downtown LA last week, we were all over it, first the bar, and then the restaurant, hitting the deli counter on the way out.

3 yeahs here! 800 degrees oven will send your thin crust pizza out in just 3 minutes. Delectable and airy pastries will make your head spin. Superb cocktails will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and very very hungry for more!

See ya'll at BL sometimes!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Orgreen Sunglass Collection

For a long while there were only 3 dedicated styles of sunglasses in Orgreen line up - Magnum, Lowrider and Temptation . Needless to say, like everything else this brave gang produces, they were amazing and so hyper-popular they never really stayed in stock for longer than few weeks.

Fast forward.... Spring 2009.....


Released last month in Milan the New Sunglass Collection offers signature Orgreen color schemes in fashion-forward shapes that are wearable. Most styles have construction similar to Magnum and that's good news to those of us who need prescription lenses to function freely in the sun. These beauties are rare but Rx-able!

Coming soon!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Graz does it again

Just when we think we've seen it all, something so strange and so beautiful comes along we had to take 5 to digest it.

Last year's releases from Graz, the designer behind success of AM Eyewear and Ksubi Eye, arrived in the market looking fresh, gorgeous, and poetic. The two styles - Eden and KMC - were instantly recognized by design and fashion junkies on all seven continents and beyond. True beauty is never complicated, and the first products under his own name were absolutely stunning.

About the new pieces we know close to nothing but looking at these unfinished samples one thing is clear, Graz does not design, he sculpts.


Thank you all for trying to book your personal set of REIZ Limited frames. The Collection is in transit and until we physically have it in our hands, we will not be taking any orders. Thank you for your understanding.
SFH Team.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Viva LA! Viva SFH!

We never thought we'll be finding ourselves saying it but here it is - we love LA, we love Downtown and we are having a blast. And the coolest aspect of it all... This thing we do, it's actually our job!!


Plugging in.

Frames displays are covered in plastic wrap to keep the fog residue off our precious acetate babies.

Party scene.

Dimitri and Ramil.

Tom and Joe of Zero G Titanium.

Fog of war

DJ Jesus and his machine.

First of all, we want to thank everyone who came to celebrate the Opening of SFH LA. Some of you traveled from San Francisco and beyond and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support.
Second, we want to thank Jesus ... DJ Jesus that is. His set sounded incredible even with weird technical and electrical difficulties we were having on stage that night.
What happened during Ludwig and Grunhauser performance was not a computer glitch as we originally suspected. Apparently we blew 600Watt speakers with our awesomeness and it took a little time to rewire the stage. Live and learn. Next time there will be a 600W speaker per each person attending. HA!

There was something else we learned during the party. In this loft we have the most amazing space where live music can be performed with minimum interference from authorities and with cool neighbors like ours, we can rock the joint every time we feel like it! So yeah, get ready for monthly parties in LA!!!!

Zero Gravity by Ludwig and Grunhauser from Doktor Grunhauser on Vimeo.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tomorrow, we party!

After weeks and weeks of preparations and rehearsals, we are ready to see you in full capacity in our beautiful showroom in Downtown LA . Tomorrow's Grand Opening of SFH LA will be our sleekest event ever, and this is coming from the people who do not take matters of logistics lightly. How do you think Spectacles For Humans runs so smoothly? There is no magic dust, friends. There is only hard work, dedication to our profession and desire to be the best. And when the same principals are applied to partying... Somebody usually gets arrested.

One of only 400 made, this MOOG is a wicked beauty and it represents the greatest breakthrough in technology since the invention of electric guitar. It will be making its first ever public appearance when Ludwig and Grunhauser take the stage.

Viva Downtown LA!!!
See you all tomorrow!!!