Thursday, May 29, 2008

Leave it to teenagers

Watch the deep-voiced kid (who probably knows how to talk to girls) wear his frames like he was born wearing it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Application filed

At Spectacles for Humans we are extremely excited about recent developments on Mars. Always on a look out for new markets, we are filing application with NASA to be the sole provider of eyewear to members of first human mission to Red Planet.

With us in charge, them brave guys and girls won't be wearing no shi**y Pradas, not in front of Martians.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

From Spectacles for Humans mailbox

Been impressed by the stock at your store but since am all the way in the Far East, no chance of ever visiting your store.
Out of curiosity what are you opinions of the more mainstream brands such as Lindberg, Bikkemberg, etc. In fact, am thinking of buying a pair of Porsche Carrera design. You think these brands are worth their price or perhaps the brand name is worth more than the actual quality?
Keep up the good work. All the best."

Emails like this come in every week and we always take time to respond.

Friends, let us get one thing straight - as far as branding goes, we draw a strict line on what happens on the outside of a pair of spectacles, and be it Opthalmic or sunnies, it's close to nothing. For Spectacles for Humans to bring on a brand, that line's identity path must be crystal clear.
Other aspects factor in too (we hold on to some savoir-faire, OK?) , but like a commandment, branding issue is written in stone.
Fortunately we have enough quality oriented outfits to work with and with our help they are going strong and together we pursue the dream while collectively rejecting the corrupt mentality of empty brand names and perfidious logos. Everything we deliver to you is sincere and authentic and we would not have it any other way.

The brands in question are on opposite spectrum of each other. Lindberg is one of the pioneers of modern eyewear and while a bit outdated it is still a quality brand. Bikkembergs on other hand is a different species altogether and without offending anyone much Bikkembergs knows as much about eyewear as Starck does about sinks and toilets.
If becoming a part of Dirk's dream team is your goal, then maybe you should join.

As an example, today we were forced to examine a couple of lines from VidiVici Occhiali. It only reinforced our opinion about Italians - they have completely lost their way. In fact they are so shortsighted in their approach, they think that signing licenses with irrelevant brands like Belstaff and MOMO Design will get them somewhere... Guess again.

When it comes to eyewear, what we do is on "mom-&-pop" level of reality. So real it is sometimes, Pops does not even know where Mom spends her "makeup" money. No one told us to do anything we weren't completely natural doing and we think that is why people respond the way they do when they discover Spectacles for Humans. Everyone wants to be part of something real.

p.s. We are working on a new exciting project that will bring much needed clarification and will answer a lot of questions. Again, too many people reach this blog everyday (about 1K) to announce what the project is all about just yet, so please forgive.

Coming late Summer.

Closed for vacation: June 23rd-July 7th.

After more than 2 years of non-stop action, we need a break. We are turning off our electronic devices and going into the desert.

Spectacles for Humans
will be closed from June 23rd until July 7th for vacation. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience it may cause.

GLARE, our sunwear store, will stay open as usual. While we are gone, sunglasses collections from Oliver Goldsmith, MYKITA and DeromeBrenner will be on display at GLARE.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Maychack your frames

Christian Maychack is a local artist whose intellectual approach to Styrofoam will keep you intrigued and mesmerized. His pieces are entirely handmade and it is no surprise that for his new frames he chose REIZ.
In fact, he was so happy with his new specs, he even let us torture him with before and after shots.

Christian wears REIZ Ratte in Light Havanna/Black.

Corner Structure by Christian Maychack, below.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spec Espace or bust

Some of our Japanese friends are really taking time to deliver goods and we are beginning to contemplate the relevancy of our order. It's been 6 months and we still don't know when the last of our selections will arrive.
Even their cute souvenir keychain finally broke... Is it a sign from above?

Perfect look of the day

Isabelle wears Berwick by Oliver Goldsmith.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008 Dita Select Optics - Grandmaster and others

It's been busy at SFH.
Trunk show after trunk show and in mad action we've completely failed to mention the arrival of the new styles from Select Optics by DITA. New frames come in, some sold already, and we keep silent... Maybe it's a testament to how we just take DITA's splendor for granted. Still it's inexcusable! And we promise, Blogmaster will be reprimanded.

With Select Optics DITA has moved into territory of luxury eyewear and quickly established a new mark of quality others in the industry will have hard time to follow. New styles are taking the LA based company even further away from its competition and we predict, soon DITA will own the sky. There is so much positive energy and good ol' know-how it is impossible for them to go anywhere but up, up, up!

Peppered with requests to see the Grandmaster in action, we tried to find the perfect fit and unfortunately it did not materialize until just now.

Friday, May 16, 2008

There is something special about Mary

It's not just frames, if you're wondering. It takes more than just buying frames to get a write up in Spectacles for Humans blog.
A sense of style, that's what we are hinting at. With Mary, it's undeniable and fresh and we love the way she expresses it through her eyewear choices.
REIZ frame completes the ensemble.

Good people deserve good frames.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have finally found you

We are in love with SPIVVY. Period.

The best color in 2044 model is about to leave the shop and it is unknown when we can have it back again. 3 months, maybe 5?? Our pieces go through modifications and it takes a long time to move from Point A to Point B. If the lovely and lucky girl does not object, we will post the image of the final package. Perfect amalgam of style and substance, trust us.

Elegant as a ballerina and toned like a martial arts instructor SPIVVY 2044 is one stunning piece of design. Undeniably Eastern in its structure this frame is not going to fit most Caucasian faces in its original condition and even though San Francisco has a great pool of Asian population, we've decided to expand and introduce it to everyone, with a possibility of special ordering the original. So far, there has been no need. The frames started flying out of the shop within days and now, we are contemplating the reality of Spectacles for Humans existing without the best pieces from Spivvy?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We like Australians

and his lovely wife (not in the picture, unfortunately) are on a West Coast tour and a stop at Spectacles for Humans was not exactly accidental.
They've seen the blog, they've heard semi-decent things about us here and there and worked a stop at the shop into their San Francisco leg of the trip. Mucho appreciado.

After trying few things on, the choice was obvious and unanimous - Tornado 6 by DERAPAGE.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Come see new styles from Orgreen Optics.
All week only and only at Spectacles for Humans.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

MYKITA * Oliver Goldsmith * SALT Trunk Show : recap

As always, we had a blast and hope all who came to play with us had the same experience.

Trunk shows are an old school trick to drum up business, but we don't exactly approach it this way. Bringing in entire collections, letting you meet the people behind the cool brands we work with and spending time with like-minded individuals are the three main cornerstones we build our events upon. And it seems to be working!!! Our events have become THE optical gatherings in San Francisco Bay Area and the popularity reached the point where we choose not to advertise in press anymore to avoid overcrowding.

Always a festivity, last week's show was even more special thanks to presence of Tom Cody. His personal qualities and professional talents are of intergalactic proportions and working with him is simply a dream.
The fact that he looks good in any frame is a HUGE plus too.

The weather was great and with the sun out, the crowds went kinda seriously berserk over all the sunglasses we were showing. The special pieces from Oliver Goldsmith were a huge hit. The famous PYRAMID originally designed in the '60s for Vidal Sassoon promo was among the most tried on frames. Ever!

Acetate collection from MYKITA was another hot topic and in order to satisfy the demand, we had no choice but to raid Tom's samples with no regards for consequences.

One of the best examples, below.
MYKITA Ferris in Brown - acetate aviators done right and fitted perfectly.

Another trunk show favorite - custom made model Luki in Green Tortoise by OG.

Eddie has a great eye for frames. He wasn't at the show for sunglasses - he just scored a pair of stunning DeromeBrenner' Huggy pilots from us - but model Howard in Edelweiss from MYKITA impressed him much. We think his name is written on it...Maybe MYKITA should rename this frame and call it Eddie.

In the end he chose model Cedric in Blue for his specs.

Over at GLARE, Olga was showing off SALT Optics collection. Since opening GLARE just over a month ago, SALT has become an absolute favorite among our clients. People love the simple and pure style and cannot get enough of SALT famous polarized lenses.

Yours truly, performed supermad BMX tricks for the crowds. Standing still, with one foot on the ground is a tough one, but in a pair of MYKITA Fletcher in Red and Gold, it's a piece of cake.

Sad to report, but everyone vetoed the Red color on and I was bamboozled into Cool Grey color instead. Grey is SPECTACULAR and it matches great with Lavender on my Skyway, but come on, dudes, where is the passion, where is the flare?

Must get Fletcher in Red, must get Fletcher in Red, must get Fletcher in Red...

A million thanks go out again to our honorary employee of the day!!!!!

Mr. Optics himself - Tom "I-Wear-Mykita-Sunglasses-At-Night" Cody.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bang, bang, bang! Another sick trunk show !!!

A year later, 3 killer brands brands converge again for another grandiose trunk show at Spectacles for Humans and this time ... GLARE.

Oliver Goldsmith, MYKITA, SALT Optics.

As you can probably tell, we love what we do.
Eyewear design is what we breath everyday and it is important for us to push the envelope further and further.
We've been at it for more than 2 years and it looks like Spectacles for Humans is playing a major role in changing the course of the industry. It is possible that we are creating currents that will defeat the multi-billion dollar giants like Luxxxotica, VSP and the ilk. With a spot on a roaster at Spectacles for Humans being one of the most coveted things in the industry, we are not letting our guard down and we stay true to our principals. In other words, we are pressing on.

Manty-S├ębastien Tellier

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Roger that.

Roger is a guy about town and while he's got quite the collection of frames, this latest pair is his first from DeromeBrenner. He wears the ultra-popular Huggy 5 model in Red/Green color.

p.s. Huggy 5 is currently sold out. We expect to be restocked in 2-3 weeks.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Leika, Leika on the wall.

Come to think of it, we realize Bob did not come all the way from Sacramento to shop for new frames...The way he was showing off his vintage, green goat skin covered LEIKA camera led us to believe he had ulterior motives.

OK, a pair of newest DERAPAGE frames is a good excuse.

Almost without words

In time for trunk show...

Friday, May 2, 2008

New collections from MYKITA

We hope we're not revealing any top secret information, but even if that's the case, the news are too good to keep to ourselves.

During next week's MIDO in Milan, MYKITA will be showing 2 new collections - Metropolitan and Concord.
Sadly, we can't go to Italy. May is a busy month and we have to be here to help you choose the right frames . But as VIP clients, we were offered a chance to pre-order from both collections without leaving the command center...

SWEET PYJAMAS!!! Of course we will!!!
OK, no pics yet and the collections won't be here for some time, but one thing for certain, Spectacles for Humans will be the first to have it in San Francisco.

A little about the collections:
Metropolitan Collection will boast retro styles based on looks of prominent eyeglass wearing personalities of the past 20-30 years. Dalai Lama and Nana Mouskouri are just some of the people whose renowned bespectacled images inspired the collection.
Concord Collection is another expedition into the acetate world. Here, stainless steel fronts are complimented by acetate temples and with hinge remaining the same, there will be more texture, more color and even better fitting.

ETA to follow.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Orgreen, Orgreen, Orgreen!

Ready for more events? We are at Spectacles for Humans.

May is a special month and with 5 weekends, we had to come up with something special to keep the locals busy.

First on the 10th, we'll host MYKITA, OLIVER GOLDSMITH and SALT OPTICS event. Then on the 17th, it's time to look at all the new ORGREEN frames.

As always, festive environment and happy faces will be there for you.


Our second Oliver Goldsmith Trunk Show is promising to be an amazing event.
A special arrangement has been made with OG headquarters in both US and London and the powers in charge have authorized the release of about 30 collectors pieces from Oliver Goldsmith Archive Couture Collection.

As you read, they are on their way to San Francisco.

We do not know yet what styles we'll be hosting here in San Francisco, but one does not need to worry about the minute specifics when one deals with people behind the Oliver Goldsmith brand. A family business, like us, perfection is what they seek; and we are so absolutely thrilled and honored by this circumstance, we are glad to take anything that comes our way from OG Showroom.

Ah, we can almost smell the cool 60's....

Monsieur Cool himself, Jacques Dutronc and his 1968 hit "L'Opportuniste"