Thursday, August 31, 2006

Profile: Reiz Augenspiel

We are proud to announce an important addition to our arrangement of world's finest eyewear. As of this month, bp+eyewear:spectacles for humans..... is an official dealer of Reiz Augenspiel eyewear.

Although Reiz is a relative newcomer to the US market, the company has been in business since 1996 and besides gathering numerous aCccolades from the press, it has a cult-like following in Europe and Japan. Reiz frames are carefully crafted in Germany from highest quality acetate and all aspects of eyewear design are meticulously considered. As a result you see clean and sophisticated styles that are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. You won't find big shiny logos here or rhinestones. All the usual brand and technical information is kept discreetly on the inside of the temples, away from discriminating eyes. Instead, you will see Reiz's traditional and accurate trademark - silver plaque. An important component of the hinge, it promises Old World quality and reminds of eyewear days long gone. See some styles below and feel free to visit our store, even just to try them on.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Uffie at Rickshaw Stop

This girl knows how to work her fans. Together with Feadz they uff'd the crowd and the fans loved every minute of it. Hell, I loved it too! She was banging, Feadz was banging, it was loud, and the lyrics, man, I love the tough s**t she spits out. Keep in mind, if you don't like Daft Punk or vocoders, Uffie might not be for you, but I think, as a whole package, she is one of the most refreshing acts (less than a year old I understand) on indie scene today and if she continues to do it like she likes (hot!) she'll be a household name very, very soon.

Friday, August 25, 2006

MYKITA sunglasses help keep the course!

Our customer and friend David sent us these. He went sailing on Lake Superior and says those huge waves and torrent winds were no match for him in his MYKITA sunglasses. He wears Victor in silverline, a great frame and my personal favorite. Thanks, David! Very cool pics!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I really don't know how many people have a clue about this company at this point. None the less, we are getting it in. And soon. The guys who run WE The Superlative Conspiracy joint are hip skateboarding dudes from Sweden who know what unpolluted designs and original style is all about. If you have teenagers in your household, chances are they knows who they are... and if they don't, well, you have a problem. Oh, just you try to get their sweatshirts a year or two ago. Fugget it, Johnny, as in "no way , no how, not here".
Well, things have gotten better since and now, with sharp sunwear line in the pipeline and new ophthalmic collection due to be unveiled in October at the mighty Silmo in Paris, we have all reasons to bring some more of that Nordic cool to our store.

The styles hip, eclectic and very open minded, but don't let that stop you. Ha! Got ya. Made in Italy from quality acetate, most styles are Rx-able, except for that sex magnet Baboon frame (what a shame!), and will make you look like one of the cool dudes at the X-Games, minus bruises and concussions, of course.

And did I mention we will be carrying the accessories??

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Irenee's new aviators

I just can't say enough good things about Gotti's new titanium sun styles (all but one are sold out). They are light, they are fresh, they are gold or palladium plated, and oh so beautifully made, you'll never want to take them off your face. Out of three new titanium styles, Pablo, the pilot shape, is one of the finest aviators anyone can find, but it especially looks stunning...Yeah, you guessed it, on good looking women. Its gentle curves and slight up sweep make the frame look more feminine and on the right face, like Irenee's above, it mimics the eye brow line and compliments the cheek bones.

And the lenses, don't forget the lenses! These gold frames come with gorgeous, medium dark, faded amber lenses (so perfect for those hazy San Francisco summer days) and feature flash mirror coating on the front and a non-reflective coating on the back surface. These coatings help reduce the blinding effects of visible light and greatly eliminate ghost images and reflections, leaving you not just looking good but seeing well.

p.s. Inventory update....As of 6 pm, with the last Pablo in palladium gone to good home, all styles are officially sold out. Expect new delivery in 2 to 3 weeks.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Uffie comes to town

Hey, this is completely unrelated to my business, but not everything in this life is about work and we must play now and then, right? And so I bring to your attention young miss Uffie from Miami-via-Paris.
Wanna see new musical style being born? Come see her at Rickshaw Stop this Friday the 25th.


Gotti new styles

Yup, the 3 new styles from Gotti I've been talking about lately, they are here at last. Say hello to Carl, Chloe and Claus. Besides their obviously attractive and very wearable shapes, I like tasteful new details and slight color adjustments. See picture below.

On Sunday, Day came by to look for new sunglasses and we certainly had fun trying all shapes and styles before settling down on two really good candidates in the end.

Here are the choices.

After much deliberation, we all (Day's boyfriend was brought in to help with the elimination process) agreed that if one ever wanted giant sunglasses, the time is now. Dita's Supa-Dupa in burgundy/amber won!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


We received our Orgreen shipment today and all of the outstanding orders were completed and delivered to very happy customers. One after another folks rushed in to pick up their long awaited new frames. Four people in a row left each with a new pair of Orgreen frames on their nose. Unfortunatelly I only had time to take a quick shot of Lisa. Here she is, looking very street cool in her outfit and completed by a sharp new pair of Orgreen's, style P56 in brown and orange.

Thanks Lisa and enjoy!

Henrik, that's him making a heavy metal face at the top of the post, is the owner and the designer of Orgreen frames and is all about quality and cool details. Notice, for example, how the temples from his P56 style appear to mimik the wavy design on the side of a '56 Corvette. Very, very cool, don't ya think?

P56 meet '56 Corvette

'56 Corvette, Orgreen P56.

And here's me in my Mandrake in dark blue and orange. The cut outs on Mandrake are very reminicent of air vents on vintage BMW 507 roadster, no? Look for yourself.

bp+eyewear: the store

I just realised I have never posted a single picture of our store.

Voila, here's what it looks like from the street. We are in a typical, old San Francisco building from 1908, which was build shortly after the Big Earthquake of 1906 to meet the demand for housing.

Once inside, it looks very much like this.

We chose rich and warm color sheme to off-set less than exciting facade we were dealt. Any attempts to convince the landlord into approving minor storefront updates, at our expense of course, were met with extreme lack of enthusiasm so far. I will keep pounding on that door still...I am sorry, but expired peptobismol tile is just not my style.

Gotti: new styles are coming next week

As summer nears the end, our Euro suppliers are starting to come alive and shipments of new styles are on their way. I was told by very well rested Rahel at Gotti&Niederer's command post in Wadenswil, that we will be receiving our long awaited backorders early next week, given that shipment quickly clears customs.

To people who are new to eyewear I can say that all of Gotti's acetate frames are personally designed by Sven Gotti and made in Germany from highest quality material. As expert opticians, the Gotti and Niederer team knows all too well how important both comfort and quality are to people who wear eyeglasses. Their nosebridge sizes are slightly wider than most plastic frames I see today, allowing for better placement on the nose and overall superior fit and feel. Almost all the frames appear delicate and slender from the front, and the looks are not deceiving due to lighweight acetate and comfort features mentioned above. Looking at frames from the side you will notice that designers often chose to balance their creations with sexy streamlined temples which curve gently around your head instead of pressing against the gentle skin on the back of your ears. In my humble opinion Gotti frames are pure sophistication, and their well-crafted styles and understated Swiss lines offer modern and elegant European look to customers who only want the best.

model Carl

model Chloe

model Claus

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

news, updates, Adidas and Reindeer antlers

Couple of items in this one. Vibskov's order is shipping out mid next week - there was a delay with strong undies...They were tested and the results showed they were not strong enough. LOL. I don't know, something was wrong, they say, but they are busy fixing it and we should have the entire collection here in two weeks at the most. I am really looking forward to it.

Below, photo from Vibskov's recent show in Paris.

Good news from Meyer Eyewear as well. The guys are back from holidays and ready to work. I shall compose an order in the next day or two and hopefully we'll soon be receiving styles that were sold out for the past 2 months. Alas...there were some bad news too. Clients waiting for Reindeer horn temples will have to wait a little longer, I am afraid. I was surprised to find out that Meyer people actually have scouts traversing the forests of Lappland looking for horns that had been shed by deer. How special is this special order, I ask you. Wow!!

Last week we were approached by people from Silhouette. Silhouette, of course, is mostly known for its line of titanium three piece eyewear which the company introduced several years ago. I am told it is still extremely popular. I appreciate the concept, but I feel the line is rather simple and frankly almost too pedestrian for us....And so we passed.
With that said, Austrian based Silhouette, the name synonymous with high quality in Europe, also produces eyewear for such sportswear icon as Adidas. Together, they recently introduced a new collection of Adidas Originals, but at this point, it is only available in Europe. Yes, I find it offensive. Why not US? Anyway, the wheels are in motion. If we can't get it through Silhouette USA, we will track it down and order the collection directly from Austria. I'll only say, the styles are hot! If you come across the recent issue of WAD magazine, check out FlyBoy sunglasses in "A VUE DE NEZ" photoshoot by Eric Sauvage. Very nice!



Friday, August 11, 2006

More Tsubi action.

Funny how small this world is. Just yesterday I added a blurb about Tsubi sunglasses and today, covered in Tsubi from head to toe and looking really cool, I must add, in comes Christian, the manager of General Pants Group, a major retail operation and a big Tsubi playground in Australia. In desperate need of a new pair of cool specs, he settled on the best - Meyer style Manchester in bronze/black, below.

p.s. The word is...Tsubi guys really ARE fun to hang out with.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tsubi sunglasses.

By now you probably know that sporting a tiny pair of sunglasses gets you nowhere with the opposite sex. What you also need to know is that looking like an out of work pimp or an extra from the first Matrix is not going to score you points with thr right people either. This season its all about harmony and proportion and the fun loving guys at Tsubi from Down Under got the look so right. Designer Graz takes classics from 60's -80's, adding his personal touches, reworking the lines ever so slightly and pushes them into the modern day. He is also adamant about the quality of his designs. He expects to see them on the shelves of the vintage stores 20-30 years later. I think he just might.

From top to bottom, Tsubi Manga in Brown, Tsubi Plastic in Pink and Tsubi Old are some of the styles we currently have in stock.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Meyer Eyewear

In the past, when we encountered well designed spectacles made from ultra-light and flexible materials, it did not occur to us that for someone, somewhere, it just may not be enough. The year is 2005, and enter the stage two talented opticians, Charlotta and Thomas Meyer. Meyer Eyewear is born in Germany.

Above, two identical New York styles, both in grey titanium. The frame on the left is fitted with Reindeer horn temples (retail $950.00US), the one on the right - with Buffalo horn( retail $795US).

Meyer frames combine Swedish restrain and beauty (Charlotta is Swedish) with German functionality and quality. The way they see the purpose of eyewear is close to how we understand it - good eyeglasses must engage many human senses. They should look good, feel nice to touch and be unconditionally comfortable. And made of pure materials only, like Meyer! Pure titanium is the material of choice for Charlotta and Thomas but they go further. Ultra sleek titanium finds itself in company of Nature's most luxurious offerings - Buffalo horn and Reindeer horn. While Buffalo horn is used quite frequently as a medium for eyewear, the use of Reindeer horn is unique, quite frankly. And not to worry, no animals are harmed, as both types of horn are harvested during natural process of seasonal shedding.

Meyer Eyewear Collection is exclusively available at bp+eyewear: spectacles for humans in San Francisco.

Below, Reindeer temple detail.

Derome Brenner: eyewear and jewels.

Above, Huggy sunglasses in black/purple and ivory.

Designers Xavier Derome and Aurelia Brenner.

Here are some of the new arrivals from DeromeBrenner that just came in this week. Very retro, and very chic, these oversized bracelets come in several sizes and are available in black/white and black/yellow colors. Along with matching rigns and necklaces (not shown) they make up DB's newest addition to line up - African Retro Collection. The finer, more ellegant bracelets on the right are part of the insanely popular Ethnique Collection. Our customers can't seem to get enough of it.

Entire collection is handmade in France from highest quality acetate and is 70% cotton. It is available at bp+eyewear :spectacles for humans at 3858 24th street in San Francisco.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Gotti Shiro

Enzo's Shiro frame is fitted with custom Rx lenses and ready to leave the shop.

Orgreen Optics

One of the most exciting eyewear lines in the world, Orgreen Optics occupies a special place in our line up. The frames are sleek and very fast lane. They demand attention from passerby's and reinforce your personal style with their strong yet free-flowing lines. Ever since we introduced Orgreen eyewear in March of '06, we have been enjoying not only the esthetics of this colorful and well designed line, but the attitudes of people who first expressed interest and later chose to become owners of one of Orgreen frames.

New styles, such as Crusader and Fokker, pictured below, are coming soon.

Visit for much more.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Henrik Vibskov - Andy sunglasses

So far, only one style exists - Andy, shown here in black with faded lenses. These brilliantly understated frames are also available in white and red, alas, mostly in Europe and Asia. Two more colors are coming in '07, but I personally hope for more styles.
As of now, I trust we'll be the second outlet in US to carry these retro inspired beauties. But...There is more. Having looked at Vibskov's entire ready-to-wear collection for Fall of '06, we could not resist his vision and decided to add several accessories to our opening order. Expect Strong Tees and Undies, Piggysac Computer bags, cool backpacks, groovy scarves and beanies in a few short weeks.

Check your undies.... Are they strong enough?